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You can make money from referring Liberty Craze. It's easy, trust us. Simply register with our referral program. By doing so, you get a link that you can post anywhere. When someone comes to our site, they are tracked by that link and when they purchase, it ishows in your account. You get an email every time someone buys.

If you have a blog or website, you can also use our standard size ad banners from the referral page. The great thing about selling our apparel is that you make money, but more importantly, you are spreading liberty. We donate much of proceeds to great Constitutional causes. 

You can get free apparel by modeling our stuff too. 

Modeling Liberty Craze

Send us some sample photos of you in several different poses to with the subject of "Modeling Liberty Craze". If you are selected, we will contact you and send you some of our shirts. This will help you with your referrals and further help people see what they will possibly be buying. You get the best of both worlds, you get free gear and make money in the process.

Some tips in posting your link:

Use a link shortener like or They will make life a lot easier, especially if you are posting on social media outlets like twitter where you can only post a certain amount of characters at a time. It will also help you track your clicks. You can even make several different links so that you can see which ones perform better. You can also shorten your links straight from the Liberty Craze Referral dashboard.

Liberty Craze Shorten Link In Dashboard

If you need a banner for your web site, we have them and you can retrieve them straight from the dashboard.

Use our news blog to start conversation on your outlet(s) and use your link while doing so.

Liberty Craze Blog News

Simply go to your dashboard and click " Create link to a specific page " and the click copy. Now you have a link to share about a specific page you want to share. This can even be done with our products too. It would be easier to shorten the link at Or 


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