We are a Liberty related apparel store. We love and appreciate the US Constitution. Our shirts show this and that is all we sell. We are not particular to any political party. All politicians never always  follow or adhere to the Constitution.

You are probably wondering how this store got it's start. Well, my name is Dana Costello and I have been active in many different events and rallies that dealt with defending things like our Bill Of Rights or Natural Law. I was a big advocate for Ron Paul and helped a great deal with his 2012 Presidential campaign. I met a lot of wonderful hard working advocates along the way and continue to remain active as far as rallies and events. I never wanted to start this store to profit from the sales of these shirts and other apparel. It helps offset the cost of my activism.

One fun fact about me is that I am related to the original Treasurer of the Continental US. His image was printed on the money circulated throughout the colonies. His name was Michael Hillegas. I am quite sure his hard work was to establish a free society without a central bank. That is why I embrace the "End The Fed" slogan.

Hope you take a look around the site more and consider a purchase. I will be designing more apparel as the need persists.