Nine months after 'Transport for London' stripped the company of its license to operate - due to safety and corporate governance issues - Judge Emma Arbuthnot has made the decision to reinstate Uber's license for 15 months, notably with conditions.

Uber admitted it deserved to lose its licence last year but argued it had made lots of changes in the last 9 months.

Reuters reports that the Transport regulator's lawyer says he has agreed a figure for costs to be paid by Uber of 425,000 pounds after judge's decision on London licence

Finally, we note that despite making a decision favorable to Uber, the judge was critical of the company and said Uber thought it was "above the law."

And the mayor of London offered a threat:

Obviously, Uber is not sitting pretty yet as the 15-month license - less than the five years that is typical for taxi licenses - has conditions that demand considerable changes.

Uber had agreed to install new leadership in London, adopt rules to report incidents to the police, keep tired drivers off the road, and share traffic data with the city. The company also named a new independent board to oversee British operations.

London is one of Uber's most crucial markets. More than 3.6 million people in London regularly use the Uber app, and around 45,000 drivers use the service.