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The 1130ET Bitcoin-Battering Continues

Posted by Tyler Durden on

It appears the algos have found a pattern...

Even Saturday saw Bitcoin hit at around 1130ET (though Sunday, the machines rested)...

Bitcoin pushed up towards $10,000 over the weekend after falling last week on Mt.Gox overhang concerns, but as CoinTelegraph reports, talking about the Mt. Gox issue, FundStrat's Tom Lee was relaxed and urged calm.

“It's a short-term concern, but it doesn't change anything,” he told Barron’s the day of the release.

Notably, as UseTheBitcoin reports, at the moment, the next court proceeding for Mt. Gox is not scheduled until September the 18th, 2018. Before that date, Mr Kobayashi would not be able to sell the remaining Bitcoins. That may lead to a reduction of volatility in the markets, at least until September.

After an ugly week last week, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are now back in the red again and Bitcoin holding just positive from Friday's close...

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