Members of Kosovo's "Self-Determination Movement" party tossed tear gas canisters on the parliament floor in a bid to halt a vote on border demarcation with Montenegro.


Three canisters were thrown in the Assembly building Wednesday shortly before voting was set to begin, forcing politicians to flee the hall. 

The 2015 agreement was expected to be ratified by the required two-thirds of the 120-seat parliament - which the Movement party claims would result in Kosovo losing 20,000 acres of territory to its neighbor. Experts, however, have disputed this claim. 

Greg Delawie, U.S. ambassador to Kosovo condemned the guerilla activism as "violence" used as a "political tool" which has "no place" in the country. 

"I urge MPs to reconvene and finish the vote today," he added.

Nataliya Apostolova, the European Union's ambassador, said on Twitter: "Appalled by tear gas release in Kosovo Assembly! Shocked that members of a parliament in Europe are resorting to dangerous tactics pulling Kosovo backwards.

"[I] call on all MPs and all parties to go back to [the] Assembly to defeat such unacceptable practices that go against democratic society and the future of the Kosovo people. MPs, vote for the future, not for the past!"