The internet is having an epic time poking fun at Justin Trudeau, whose left eyebrow appeared to migrate over the southern border of his supraorbital ridge during a Thursday interview at the G7 Summit  - leading some to speculate that the Canadian Prime Minister is trying to overcompensate for thin brows. 

In response, Trudeau was browbeaten mercilessly by internet denizens - while the out-of-control brows now have several Twitter tribute accounts to mark the occasion: 

The Daily Caller's Amber Athey researched the situation, noting that there are other pictures of Trudeau's brows seemingly sitting low - however what happened last Thursday was a brow too far...

Other photos of Trudeau from different events show a similar eyebrow situation, so it’s quite likely he just has naturally full brows. -Daily Caller

Others agree: 

We have to ask - why so many Castro comparisons? They're just two unrelated world leaders with bushy eyebrows, no?