Hope Hicks has finally put those rumors about a possible return to the White House to rest by revealing on Monday that she will be joining the reconstituted 21st Century Fox next year as its chief communications officer, a role that, the New York Times pointed out, is similar to the one she held in the Trump Administration.

Hicks, who rose from obscurity after she was appointed the chief communications officer of President Trump's nascent campaign in 2015, had previously worked in PR at the Trump Organization, a job she was offered after handling PR for Ivanka Trump's fashion line while working at an outside agency. Hicks will join Fox at the beginning of next year after much of the company's current assets are absorbed into Disney (once the sale is finished, the Murdochs intend to rebrand what's left of the company from "21st Century Fox" to simply "Fox").


In her new role, Hicks will work closely with Lachlan Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch's eldest son, who is set to become chairman and chief executive of the reconstituted company, which will include Fox News, Fox Sports and the Fox broadcast network.

As the Times begrudgingly admits, Hicks developed a reputation as a helpful resource for reporters covering the early, chaotic days of the Trump administration. It also pointed out that the chief asset of her new company, Fox News, features many pro-Trump voices. Several of Fox's alumni, including former executive Bill Shine, are now serving in the Trump Administration.

Ms. Hicks will serve at the executive level, but her new employer’s major asset is Fox News, the cable network with close ties to the Trump administration. The channel’s prime time stars are relentless boosters of Mr. Trump; its former co-president, Bill Shine, now serves as Mr. Trump’s deputy chief of staff for communications.

The Murdoch family has often relied on its chief communications staff for advice, the Times pointed out, and Hicks brings relatable experience in working with a dynastic corporate family.

In addition to her A-list contacts, Ms. Hicks has a track record of working well with heirs to dynastic families — a desirable trait for the Murdoch clan, whose financial and personal lives play out in the public eye.


In dealing with the press, the Murdochs have long relied on the guidance of Julie Henderson, the chief communications officer of 21st Century Fox, along with informal advisers like the New York public-relations guru Steven Rubenstein.

According to NBC News, former General Electric government relations executive Danny O'Brien has also been hired to serve as head of government relations.

Hicks left the White House in February, but in August was spotted on Air Force One and is rumored to be a favorite outside adviser to President Trump. In her new role, Hicks' it's likely that Hicks will still work closely with many of her old contacts at the White House including possibly Trump himself. And, as Trump has said, the  door to the West Wing is always open should she wish to return.