It is unclear if the burglars who struck the Beverly Hills mansion of Jeff Bezos knew they were trying to rob the house of the world's richest man. It is also not known what spooked them off, or for that matter what prompted them to attempt another burglary just hours after the failed attempt to steal from the Amazon CEO; what we do know is that they got lucky not once but twice, and managed to lose the cops after what TMZ describes was a "crazy car chase."

According to TMZ, on Wednesday night unknown perps smashed the window of Bezos' Beverly Hills mansion in an attempted robbery but "something scared them off" and as a result nothing was stolen from the crib of the man who is worth $140 billion.

Apparently displeased with the lack of loot, the cops believe the guys who hit casa Bezos were the same crew who, just a few hours later successfully burglarized another nearby mansion. Cops spotted a car fleeing the scene early Thursday morning and gave chase. Cops then chased the car for 25 minutes but lost the suspects after they ditched the getaway car and fled on foot.

It is unclear whose house the crew successfully robbed.

As the Daily Beast notes, while Gates and Bezos have been competing for the title of ‘World’s Richest Man’ since last year when Bezos initially pulled ahead before dropping back to #2, but he has now stepped back into the lead. However Forbes says that Gates would be unquestionably in the top spot had he not given a huge chunk of change to charity. Forbes says Gates has given away $31.1 billion over the course of his lifetime with Bezos giving just $1billion to charity through the end of 2015.